We believe that beautiful skin is your birthright. If you suffer from less-than-healthy skin, it goes more than skin deep. The confidence that comes from bright, clear, soft skin is huge. 

To create great skin we listen to what you have to say and really hear the answers. Then we create the perfect path back to skin health, one that fits with your goals, budget and lifestyle. It always includes topical advanced skincare, and can also include treatments, nutritional recommendations and supplementation.


Spa 30 Facial 30 min $80  

Forget express - this is excellent. Includes exfoliation, gommaging, infusion mask in either cream, gel or lift-off alginate options. A little shoulder massage makes this a beautiful escape.

Gommage mask
Gel mask or cream mask or alginate mask
5 minutes of blissful shoulder massage during the mask
Foundation if you would like it

Spa Heaven Wellness Facial 60 min $153

Rediscover the powerful effects of touch. From the first cleanse to the last hot towel, our hands hardly leave you as we massage in every step of this luxurious facial ritual, customised to your skin goals. We cleanse, gommage, mask, then massage for 30 minutes over the mask infusing goodness to your face, neck, décolletage, extending down the hands and arms and up into the scalp. Feet are cleansed with a sugar scrub, then we massage your feet and legs. Envelope your- self in anti-pollutant wellbeing...

Aromatic welcome inhalations
Pomegranate Exfoliation
Aromatic hot towels
Botanical Treatment Mask
Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub of your feet & lower legs
Massage of feet & lower legs
20 minute Signature Smoothing Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Eye Cream
Complimentary foundation & lip gloss if you want it

Evidence Results Facial 60 min $153 

This facial takes Paris to the lab. Completely tailored for your skin concerns using advanced ingredients. Exceptional refining, brightening and rejuvenating ingredients to reverse all types of skin damage giving your complexion a glowing aura of health. We deep cleanse using ultrasound, exfoliate, perform enzymatic brightening, a custom mask, followed by our signature Smoothing Facial Massage for a full 20 minutes to relieve facial tension and shoulder tightness.

Ultrasonic deep cleansing
Enzyme treatment
20 minutes Signature Smoothing face, neck, shoulder massage
Eye Cream
Foundation if you would like it

Evidence Results Plus+ 60 min $198

Take the Evidence Results Facial (above )plus the corrective power of a full strength Oxygen Enzyme Peel. You’ll see less breakout, less lines, reduced pores, even tones, pure radiance! All in all a better, boosted facial with deeper exfoliation and a freshly radiant result.

Ultrasonic deep cleansing
Aromatic hot towels
Oxygen Enzyme Peel or Bio White Peel 
Hand massage
20 min signature smoothing face, neck, shoulder massage
Eye cream
Foundation if you would like it 

The Power of 3 60 min $230 

Our most popular facial, combining 3 modalities for deeply restorative treatment of all skin conditions. For skin health connoisseurs, or anyone seeking exceptionally beautiful skin. No downtime, the ideal pre-event facial. 

Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing
Aromatic Hot Towels
Oxygen Enzyme Peel or Bio White Peel or upgrade to Alpha Beta or Catalyst Retinol Peel
Gemlight application to energise skin from within
20 min Signature Smoothing face, neck & shoulder massage
Eye Cream
Foundation if you would like it

Age Brilliance 60 min $349 

A trio of skin reviving superstars, the ultimate non-surgical facial to create youthful skin. This exceptional treatment is for skins serious about reversing the ravages of time quickly, clearing sun damage and refreshing the texture, tone and clarity. Includes a full facial, corrective peel and photo rejuvenation for face, neck and décolletage & hands. Enjoy clear, luminous, youthful skin.

Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing
Oxygen Enzyme Peel
Photo Rejuvenation Face, Neck, Decolletage & Hands
Soothing Serum
Moisture & SPF
Post-laser safe makeup applied


30 min $99
5+1 free $495
7+3 free $693
Add to a skin treatment $50

Gemlights™ are coloured, ambient L.E.D. light which shines over your face or chosen body area. No heat, UV or discomfort at all, and very relaxing.
In only 20 minutes, the light will activate the energy-battery inside each cell (your mitochondria) and release energy which skin uses to perform work. In this way, we aren’t forcing cells to do any one thing, rather potentiating cells with energy to do what the cell sees t. Gemlights™ are calming and enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery. Each also has special extra bene ts associated with that particular colour of light.

Ruby Ray 

Stimulates collagen, elastin and deep hydration, smoothing lines, rming skin including the delicate eye and lip areas. Ruby is your silent skin youth weapon! You will see reduction in lines, rming, healing and even tones. This well researched treatment won best anti-ageing treatment at the Les Nouvelles Esthetique & Spa Award 2015.

Azure Cool™

Anti-bacterial blue light shines inside cells to clear out bacteria hiding in pockets and pores of problem skin. Calming and soothing - by the end of your rst appointment your skin will be calmer, cooler and the breakout will already have started to go. Huge research backs this treatment. FDA approved for treatment of acne and in ammation.

Emerald Beam™

Calms and regulates the overproduction of brown coloured pigment. Blends and creates a more even skin tone. Perfect for dark scars, uneven tone and to brighten dark eye circles. Suitable for all skin tones from white to black.

Diamond Light™

Reduce pain in your body and aid both muscular and joint recovery. Ideal for athletes or anyone with injury or in ammatory pain conditions. Also wonderful to stimulate collagen for deeper lines and wrinkles.


Peels need a new name! You see nothing gets ‘peeled off’. A Peel is simply a gel solution which softens old dead compacted layers and reveals a fresh rm surface beneath. Peels can be light skin boosters, or go deeper for intensive change.
We’ll recommend the right peel for your needs at your skin assessment.
One is good, a series will drastically improve skin health

Pomegranate Enzymes 30 min $99 | 5+1 free $495

Ideal for sensitive skin or beginners, pomegranate is rich in anti-oxidants and very gentle. Enzymes act like pac-man to digest waste, leaving skin clean and fresh.

Oxygen Enzyme Peel 40 min $149 

Cleans skin from beneath using improvement in your own circulation. Radiance and hydration, ideal pre-event and a must for smokers or those suffering dullness.

Bio White Enzyme Peel 40 min $149 | Series of 6 $740 | Beginner to Intermediate

Evens your skin tone for a milky complexion, with less breakout and beautiful hydration.

Catalyst Retinol Peel 40 min $198 | 5+1 free $990 | Intermediate to Advanced

A rebuilding peel, working on transforming the collagen, elastin and damage from time, sun, acne, reduces breakout.

Alpha Beta Peel 40 min $198 | 5+1 free $990 | Intermediate to Advanced

Cools and heals in amed skin while reducing acne and blackheads. Deep cleans and refines pore size.

The Body Peel 60 min $148 | $99 as an Upgrade

Like a full body silkening, extending a facial quality peel to your entire body.

Bikini or Underarm Peel 30 min $70 | 5+1 free $350

Brighten up unwanted pigment, reduce ingrown hairs and the scars they bring.


Derma Pen is a transformative treatment for skin health.
On the face It is for fine lines, texture, open pores, acne, some scars, devitalisation, redness and uneven pigment. On the body it is for scars and stretchmarks. 

First it breaks down knotted, badly formed collagen, smoothing the skin instantly. Next it triggers massive new collagen formation. Up to 400% new collagen can be formed from a single treatment. This rms and tightens the skin using it’s own bres.

Because it is your own tissue being created and not an injection, you get to keep these results. There is no other modality that delivers so much, so safely. No heat, no downtime.

Derma Pen Face 45 min $299 | 5+1 free $1495 

Refines pore size, smooths lines, evens out deep pigmentation, creates hydration, gives radiance. Fights acne by letting oxygen in to destroy the bacteria, ideal for long lasting deep pustules which are hard to shift. Includes lips, face, neck, décolletage and eyes right up to the lashline and over
the lid.

Derma Pen lift 60 min $399 | 5+1 free $1995 

To really lift the face we also address the anchor points that support your facial skin: behind the ears, back of the neck and through the scalp. Also includes face, neck, décolletage and eyes.

Derma Pen Body | Scar, Stretchmarks, Pigment 
45 min $299 | 5+1 free $1495 | Add to Face Derma Pen $100

Ideal for stretchmarks, surgery scars and areas of dark skin. Includes 1 area of A4 paper size per treatment.

Derma Pen Scalp | Scar, Stretchmarks, Pigment 
45 min $299 | 5+1 free $1495 | Add to Body Derma Pen $100

Thinning hair is improved via increased blood vessel formation, bringing more nutrients to the follicle for growth.

Derma Pen Underarm or Bikini Lightening 
45 min $199 | 5+1 free $995


Facial Tightening / Jowl Laxity / Eye Area Laxity / Neck Laxity / Naso-Labial Fold / Loose Body Skin

Face $449
Face & Neck $499
Face, Neck & Décolletage $599
Upper Arms $449
Abdomen $449
Knees $449
Triceps $449

What is it?

​Bi-polar radio frequency which bulk heats the dermis using the Sublime™ applicator causing a lasting lift by contracting existing collagen and creating more new collagen. The focus is on lifting the cheek area and skin around the brow bone to bring a fresh appearance to the face. On the body we aim to reduce ‘slide’ of loose skin. There is no disruption to the skin surface at all.

What does it achieve for me?

​Firm, contoured skin without surgery. With Sublime™ you can have firm and contoured skin without surgery. Sublime™ is not a substitute for the traditional facelift but provides an outstanding alternative for people who don’t want invasive surgery or aren’t quite ready for it. It is the fastest and most effective non–invasive treatment on the market for mild sagging skin, regardless of skin type or colour, and can help restore the facial texture and contour of your youth. Sublime™ is ideal for sagging under the eyes, saggy brow lines and nasolabial folds.

We recommend 3-5 sessions taken 4-6 weekly or 1-2 sessions taken 5-7 weekly in Enhanced Energy mode.
There is no downtime with a Sublime™ treatments.

Combine Sublime™ with Sublative™ for stunning result and save 10%



acne scars | box scars | rolling scars | reduce moderate to deep lines | stretchmarks | luminosity

First it breaks down knotted, badly formed collagen, smoothing the skin instantly. Next it triggers massive new collagen formation. Up to 400% new collagen can be formed from a single treatment. This rms and tightens the skin using it’s own bres.
Because it is your own tissue being created and not an injection, you get to keep these results. There is no other modality that delivers so much, so safely. No heat, no downtime.

Sublative™ Facial 

Half face $350 | Face $450 | Neck & Chest $300 

Combine Sublative™ + Sublime™ receive 10% off

Sublative™ Strechmarks +Body  

50cm2 $500 | 100cm2 $550 | 150cm2 $600 | 200cm2 $750 

Abdominal $950 | Thighs $950 | Buttocks $950

What is it?

A fractional, bi polar radio frequency using the Sublative™ applicator.
Penetrates via tiny points in skin then spreads out for a full under-skin treatment with minimal surface disruption.
What does it achieve for me?

Sublative™ reaches beneath the skin and spreads out to achieve a full rejuvenation underneath the skin. Like a builder doing a renovation, it first breaks down damage and clears it away (blood vessels and wrinkled, creased, sagging or scarred skin). Think of it like going into a damaged building and pulling out all the broken struts.

Your skin-builder then creates a permanent structural foundation of new collagen and elastin and tightens up everything else that’s there. You’ll see a lift in the jawline, cheek and brow, added volume and plumpness. Your skin texture, tone and luminosity are improved, skin is smoother and more elastic. This is structural revamp, so results are considered permanent, though of course you’ll want to touch up in future to maintain your results over time.

Expect 2-5 days downtime.
We recommend 3-5 sessions taken 4-6 weekly or 1-2 sessions taken 5-7 weekly in Enhanced Energy mode.

Upgrade your Sublative Results
+oxygen peel $40
+enzyme peel $40



Photo Rejuvenation Laser is about removing that which we no longer want (pigment from sun damage, broken blood vessels) and stimulating production of that which we do want (stronger blood vessels, new firming collagen fibres.) Uses precision light to reach deeper than hands or ingredients can go.
The best treatment for sun damaged or red skin with broken capillaries, it may be used on any part of your face or body. You will need 1-3 treatments to clear your initial concern, and you can also have it as a skin maintenance treatment.


Half Face $120
Face 30 min $199
Face and Neck 45 min $229
Face, Neck and Décolletage/Chest 60 min $249
Décolletage 45 min $199


Half Back or Chest $499
Full Back or Chest & Stomach $499


Back of Hands 15 min $99
Half Arms 15 min $149
Full Arms 30 min $199


Half Legs 30 min $299
Full Legs 45 min $499



Our lasers are modern, super-fast glide action, and painless. Compared to the lasers of the past, they are a walk in the proverbial botanical gardens.
When we perform laser, we do so with an advanced working know-how of skin first and foremost. We know what happens with each skin tone, hair thickness and all the health factors that make a difference in your laser outcome.
So you can relax, you’re in good hands.

Expect a butter-smooth result in 6-10 treatments. Appointments are swift, ideal for working people with not much time to spare. Oh, and did we mention never waxing again?

Test Patch & Consultation Complimentary

ELOS Laser Hair Removal

Precision hair removal with lasting results. Throw away that waxing appointment card, chuck out the razor, get free sisters and brothers! Let us preach the wonder of permanent smooth to your bod. Free consultation, test patch, a must to qualify for treatment.

Full Legs $290
Half Legs $180
Bikini $40
Brazilian $65
Buttocks $90
Lip or Chin $30
Full Face $65

Underarms $40
Half Arms $90
Full Arms $130
Chest & Stomach $195
Quarter Back $70
Full Back $195
Half Back $115

Lip & Chin $35
Female Brazilian & Underarm $70
Half Legs, Brazilian & Underarms $200
Full Legs, Brazilian & Underarm $330
Full Legs, Buttocks & Brazilian $350
Full Back, Shoulders $230
Full Face & front of Neck $75

Laser Hair Removal at Natashas Skin Spa

ELOS Laser Consultation

Our modern lasers can treat skin tones from fair to quite deep, thanks to their mixture of both optical and radio energy. This mix reduces the risk of side effects and makes laser accessible to more people than ever before.

Book your no-obligation test patch & consultation to find out if it's right for you.


Spa Massage

Spa15 Massage $35
Spa30 Massage $80 
Spa45 Massage $119 
Spa60 Massage $149 
Spa90 $179 +body scrub $99

The ancient art of ‘oh-that’s-the-spot’. From very light to very firm if you like it. We use a blend of exotic oils mixed with lush body butter leaving skin super soft, all aches banished. Pregnancy safe.

Hot Stone Massage

60 min $148
add hot stones to another massage +$30 
Add body scrub +$99

Smooth basalt stones kissed with exotic oils impart delicious heat into your tired muscles, melting away stress with a deeply nurturing massage. A tonic for exhaustion or insomnia.

The Wi-Fi Massage™

60 min $139 |  5+1 free $695
+body scrub $99

For the digitally exhausted, focusing on the parts our device-filled life hurts most. Combines
stretching moves and lomi-lomi power strokes in a massage of the feet, back, neck, shoulders, typists hands, forearms, an opening massage of the upper chest and laptop-tightened pecs, cooling eye area mask and eyestrain massage, completed with a scalp massage. *top 10 treatment

The Well Tech Massage™

30 min $120
60 min $159
90 min $238
+body scrub $99

Combines a traditional Spa Massage with healing body technology The Ruby Ray, FDA approved to reduce pain and heal muscles. Beloved by sports people and those living with chronic pain conditions, you will feel real results and be more mobile. *top 10 treatment

The Million Dollar Massage™

60 min $229 | 90 min $299 (available with select therapists)

Beyond massage is a realm… where wellness therapists connect your soul back to base, sprinkle sand between your metaphysical toes. Begin with a custom aroma-ritual to select your oils. Dry body brushing, hot quartz pressure points and a full hour of power-flow massage are performed on an electric spa table, completely customised to your needs. Full body aromatic steam compresses cleanse it all away, passive stretching awakens you. A guided meditation andinhalations bring the rain on down.

The Birthday Suit™ Sugar Body Scrub

Back $30
Whole Body 45 min $138
add to your massage $99

Be smooth in the nude with a tropical-scented sugary body scrub from top to toe, polishing the rough bits smooth.

Jet Lag Therapy

60 min $148 | Series of 6 $740

Restore the calm and moisture lost in transit. Soak up a Spa 30 Facial for deeply hydrated skin, plus a grounding Spa 30 Massage to bring you back down to earth post-flight. Whether visiting us or returning to base, welcome home.

Remedial Massage

30 min $75 | 60 min $109
health fund rebates available with all major funds

Clinical massage to address pain, injury and performance. Initial appointments include analysis and a treatment. Health Fund rebates are available with all major funds.

Upgrade Your Wellness Treatment

​+nourishing body mask $30
+back scrub $30
+body peel $99
+body scrub $99
+hair mask $30
+spa30 facial $80


Spraytan, Makeup, waxing, nails

​​Celebrate pretty with the grooming details to finesse your look.
Every polish, wax, tan liquid, lipstick is selected with an eye to style and skin health.
Your beauty details are our obsession.

The Brow Sculpture

20 min $35 Casual | 2-4 Weekly Maintenance 15 min $33

Treat yourself to a real expert brow design. Natasha’s method is special: first, we measure your brows and draw on the shape for you to approve and we listen to what you want. Then we wax, tweeze and trim to perfection. We apply concealer to hide redness and give you a tutorial in how to dress the brow. Eye brows are a real specialty here and we know you’ll be delighted by our obsession.

Brow Tint

10 min $20

Lash Hydra-Tint

20 min $45

The Lash Lift

30 min $75

Curls and fans the lashes for a full, pretty look that lasts 6-8 weeks. Not a lash extension but a natural lift.  We consider the Lash Lift an anti-aging treatment for the way it lifts the eye area and creates a fresh, awakened look.  So pretty.

The Lash Lift + Tint

30 min $99 ($120 if booked separately)

Lashes made dark, rich and fully fanned out. Lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Beautiful Eyes Trio

30 min $84 Casual | $74 Maintenance within 4 weeks

The essential eye definition: Brow Tint, Brow Sculpture, Lash Hydra-Tint.

Beautiful Eyes Trio + Lift

45-60 min $159

18 Month Eyebrows - Microblading

Initial appointment 2 hrs $599 | Perfecting session after 4 weeks 1 hr $99

The modern micro-blade technique places individual strokes into the brow line, and looks like real hair. It is semi-permanent, allowing for adjustments over time, as both fashions, and your face, change with time. We can rebuild a brow from scratch or simply define what is already there. We offer both micro-blade (feathertouch) and powder-look brows. Performed with topical numbing cream so you won't feel a thing. 

Jane Iredale Special Occasion Makeup

45 min $89

Let us bring out your inner gorgeous-ity (it's not a word, but that's what we're calling it!)  Using the purest mineral makeup by Jane Iredale, the worlds leading special occasion makeup so healthy, it is known as 'the skincare makeup'.  You will love choosing from the wide selection of lip & eye colours from our full Jane Iredale stand.  Your look will be totally suited to you & your taste, bringing out the Queen in you! 

Jane Iredale Bridal Makeup

60 mins $150

On your most special day, it's important we create the vision you have in mind.  We love working with brides, and we love working with Jane Iredale, as it's the most popular bridal makeup in Melbourne.  Jane Iredale contains natural sunscreens, so you won't get burned during the photo sessions, and yet there is no reflect, so your face won't 'ghost' in the pics.  Jane Iredale is perfect for bridal makeup as it lasts all day  and is easily topped up.  The beautiful golden compacts and slimline lipsticks are ideal for your bridal clutch, and the sets make stunning bridesmaids gifts.  Look your very best on your wedding day, with the girls who love making Melbourne brides glow!

Jane Iredale Makeup Lesson

60 min $99 | Redeemable on products purchased

Learn what suits you, away from the harsh glare of department store lights, in the privacy of Natashas Skin Spa.  Your beauty therapist will design an easy-to-apply makeup especially for your skin type & lifestyle which brings out your inner beauty daily.
If you're already a dab hand with the makeup brush, we can take you to the next level with makeup skills specific to what you want to learn - smokey eyes, plump lips, metallic lids, dewy skin.  The fee is completely redeemable upon makeup you purchase on the day. 

Creative Nails File, Buff & Polish

hands or feet 20 min $35

Creative Nails Shellac

hands or feet  30 min $60 | +respectful removal $10

​Shellac is applied just like nail polish then cured under a non-UV, healthy LED lamp to set it rock hard.
It's instantly dry so you won't smudge it on the way out the door, and it lasts up to 2 weeks without wearing or chipping. 

Pure Fiji Organicure

(manicure) 40 min $70 | +shellac $20

Forget nail-wrecking bars. Our organic manicure focuses on nail health & hand hydration, with coconut milk soak, sugar and oil exfoliation, cuticle softening & detailing, respect for the nail plate and a no-nasties polish. Perfect 10.


(advanced manicure) 50 min $129 | +photo rejuvenation $30 | +shellac $20

A time-reversing manicure performed under the glow of the youth-inducing Gemlight to stimulate the production of in-skin hydration substances, plus new firming collagen.  Also includes our famous Oxygen Enzyme peel to address the pigmentation age spots on the backs of your hands.  If you want to take this to the next level, you can even add Photo Rejuvenation Laser and really change your hands appearance.  
Want even more?  Book to see Dr Alfy for fillers to the backs of your hands to give volume and longer term plumping to the hands.  Whatever you choose, know that we have many tools to create more youthful hands. 


(pedicure) 60 min $125 | +shellac $20

Our super detailed pedicure will reduce the frequency of your pedicures and break the cycle of blading-hard skin. Includes milk bath, sugar glow, hot stone massage, powerful foot peel, rasping, cuticle work, nail shape and buff, and a no-nasties polish.  This pedicure is so good it was featured in The Age beauty review as one of the very  best treatments for feet in Australia.

Blissed Out Feet Treat 

30 min $75

Scrub away the world and soothe your soul with a hot stone foot massage and moisture wrap.  Ideal when you don' need a pedicure but your feet are dry, hot and tired.  The perfect ending to a days shopping!

Tuscan Tan 8 Hour Developer (shower after 8 hours)

20 min $50 | 3 for $135 ($45 each)

The most trusted tan for weddings and special occasions, totally customised from the lightest kiss to the deepest bronze.  Performed with extraction of mist from the air around you, making for a healthy, enjoyable service for both the client and therapist, and meaning you are drier upon completion so you can dress immediately and carry on with your day.

Tuscan Tan Rapid Amino (shower after 90 minutes)

20 min $55 | 3 for $150 ($50 each) 

Perfect when you need to shower and get on with it. Will be glowing after 90 minutes, fully developed in 8 hours.  Our most popular tan option.

Microblade Cosmetic Tattoo Brows

Initial appointment 2 hrs $599 
Perfecting session at 4 weeks $99 

18 month touchup price on consultation, typically $299

The modern micro-blade technique places individual strokes into the brow line, and looks like real hair. It is semipermanent allowing for adjustments in future, as your face changes with  time.  We can rebuild a brow from scratch or simply define what is already there. We offer both micro-blade (feathertouch) and powder-look brows. Performed with topical numbing, completely painless. Includes complimentary aftercare products.


Super gentle, caring and hygienic, all our waxes are designed for sensitive skin. We are expert waxers, having performed over 20,000 Brazilians! All waxing is completed with a soothing application of Pure Fiji spa lotion.

1/2 legs $40
3/4 legs $45
Full legs $70

Underarms $35
Patches from $30

Brazilian Casual $70
Brazilian 2-4 week $65
G-string $60
High Bikini $40
Bikini $35

1/2 arms $35
3/4 arms $40
Full arms $45

Chest $50
Stomach $20
Back $65

Upper lip or chin $18
Sideburns $18
Nostrils or earlobes $18
Full face $60 (excl. Brows)

Women with beautifully smooth legs


If you’d like long-term hair removal of grey or blonde hair which is too light for laser, or you just don’t want to stop waxing yet, Depilar is a good option: purchase a container of Depilar Enzymes, bring along to your wax booking and we will apply it afterwards. The 2 enzymes enter the follicle and reduce the growth over successive applications.

Available for purchase in our retail boutique for $250


60 min $180 | Casual Maintenance $160 | Series of 10 $1400

​Smooth cellulite
Tighten skin
Firmer body
Contoured curves

Using a combination of 3 amazing technologies: Lipo-massage, Radio Frequency (RF) and Infra Red Light, the Body Shaper drains wastes and fluids from cellulite and fat tissues, reducing their size and smoothing the tissue.

Your natural lymphatic system drains this away, resulting in a reduction in the visible appearance of Cellulite. The RF aspect of the treatment tightens skin that is sagging or loose, firming your body.

The Body Shaper is your secret weapon to renovate your body, or as a pre-event treatment to fit into a special outfit. Those who know it are converts to the amazing results.

The Body Shaper can also be used to deeply massage muscles, tighten sagging skin from a postbaby tummy or surgery sag.

Choose one area of focus, or have an all-over session:

• Tummy • Upper Arms • Inner Thighs • Thighs • Bottom

Upgrades to The Body Shaper

+ half body peel $60
+ full body peel $99
+ the birthday suit body scrub $79
+ caffeinated body mask $50


Consultation with our in-house Doctor is free, and there’s never any obligation.

As a guide, this is what you may expect to pay but please use it as a guide only. Prices vary for each unique person, because you purchase relaxers by the unit and fillers by the ml.

Next Dates with Dr Alfy

Bookings are essential
Friday 24 November 3.30 onwards
Saturday 25 Novemeber 10am - 5pm

Relaxers Estimate

Crows feet $240 

Forehead Lines $140

Between Brows $300

Bunny Lines Beside Nose $60

Upper Lip, Smokers Lines $50

Underarms for Sweating $POA

Jaw for Grinding $600

Slim the Face Shape $600

Brow Lifting $80

Nefertini Neck Lift from $ 400

Fillers $599ml

Lip Augmentation 1ml

Nasolabial 1ml

Cheek Augmentation 1 - 2ml

Tear Troughs 1ml

Chin Extension 1ml

Full Face Hydration 1 - 3ml

Bridge of Nose 1ml

Dr Alfy & Nurse Jo

About our Southbank Cosmetic Medicine Service

Cosmetic Injectables are for under the skin, they are not skincare and they don’t replace it, but rather address a totally different area of ageing - expression, movement and volume loss. They fall into two categories.

Relaxers which relax the muscles, so your face is smoother with less lines, and you look rested.

Dermal Fillers are gels which go under the skin into the dermis. They can plump out a pitted scar, or an area that has lost volume like the cheeks or lips. They can add definition to the lips or go under the eyes to hide the darkness and plump out any deep tear troughs. Fillers gift skin with lasting hydration as they bind water exactly where we put them. They’re also used to balance shape or build up areas like the nose.

Dr. Alfy Ordukaya is Southbank's best cosmetic injector, combining a friendly personality, great beside manner, and artistic talent with placement. Our clients return to Dr. Alfy again and again for his special magic.

Why Dr Alfy?

One of the things we have heard again and again from our guests is that the whole experience of receiving anti-wrinkle injections is not pleasant for them. 
Some report being hesitant to ask for a consultation in case they feel pressured to have a treatment. There is never any pressure to undergo a treatment here at Natashas Skin Spa. We simply give you the information and options, and leave it up to you to make a decision about what is best for your personal anti-aging needs.

Dr. Alfy's role as a cosmetic physician is to discover what it is that you want to achieve and then give you options on how that can happen. For example, some people desire full lips which are clearly augmented. Others want to look like they were 'born with it' and others don't want it recognisable whatsoever, they just want hydration to stop the ongoing dryness associated with aging lip tissue.

It's highly personal, and takes a trusting connection between patient and cosmetic physician to establish the right course of action.

Dr Alfy is highly experienced and brings an artistic approach to cosmetic injectables. He also comes accompanied by his assistant Jo, who is great at holding hands during treatment. Many of our clients say that Jo 'just makes it', her warm nurturing personality is a great asset to Natashas Skin Spa.

You are always welcome to call us on 03 9696 1189 to ask questions about cosmetic injectables in our Southbank skin clinic. Perhaps you don't even have a specific question, you just want to talk to the people at this end and see if you feel comfortable with us. That's okay too, just ring us and ask us what we do here, and what we are about.

Any of our team can discuss cosmetic injectables with you, and refer you to Dr. Alfy if you have questions we can't answer.

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