Sign outside Natashas Skin Spa Southbank

Natashas Skin Spa fulfils the dreams of busy, burned out people, who want results for their beauty, but also really need to lie down for a minute. 

We have streamlined the spa experience so you no longer have to choose between scientific results & luxury wellness experiences.

We call this The Spa Tech Movement. Sure, your treatment will deliver the most advanced results available today (of course it will, that’s basic!) … but it will feel like a visit to cloud nine.

We believe in fresh linen, fluffy white towels, chemistry, science, luxury, lipstick, whole foods and no boyfriends (just kidding, even boss babes can take lovers).

Your skin is our temple, we will reach the goals and celebrate them with you, on this journey to your best beauty. But we’ll also get you back to the office in time for lunch.

Come experience thinking therapists who understand busy working people, and love the challenge of bringing you down to earth in ten seconds flat. You’ll love yourself sick.

our beauty and skin therapists

Our skin and beauty team are Melbourne’s best. You’ll love their attention to detail, warm and friendly personalities, and high level of knowledge about skin and beauty. Our team are chosen for their passion, approachable nature and positive vibe.

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