Super gentle, caring and hygienic, all our waxes are designed for sensitive skin. We are expert waxers, having performed over 20,000 Brazilians! All waxing is completed with a soothing application of Pure Fiji spa lotion. 

1/2 legs $40
3/4 legs $45
Full legs $70 

Underarms $35 
Patches from $30

Brazilian Casual $70 
Brazilian 2-4 week $65 
G-string $60
High Bikini $40
Bikini $35

1/2 arms $35 
3/4 arms $40 
Full arms $45

Chest $50 
Stomach $20
Back $65

Upper lip or chin $18 
Sideburns $18
Nostrils or earlobes $18 
Full face $60 (excl. Brows)


If you’d like long-term hair removal of grey or blonde hair which is too light for laser, or you just don’t want to stop waxing yet, Depilar is a good option: purchase a container of Depilar Enzymes, bring along to your wax booking and we will apply it afterwards. The 2 enzymes enter the follicle and reduce the growth over successive applications.

Available for purchase in our retail boutique.