The Body Shaper

60 min $180 | Casual Maintenance $160 | Series of 10 $1400

Smooth cellulite
Tighten skin
Firmer body
Contoured curves

Using a combination of 3 amazing technologies: Lipo-massage, Radio Frequency (RF) and Infra
Red Light, the Body Shaper drains wastes and fluids from cellulite and fat tissues, reducing their
size and smoothing the tissue.
Your natural lymphatic system drains this away, resulting in a reduction in the visible appearance
of Cellulite. The RF aspect of the treatment tightens skin that is sagging or loose, firming your

The Body Shaper is your secret weapon to renovate your body, or as a pre-event treatment to fit
into a special outfit. Those who know it are converts to the amazing results.

The Body Shaper can also be used to deeply massage muscles, tighten sagging skin from a postbaby
tummy or surgery sag.

Choose one area of focus, or have an all-over session:

• Tummy • Upper Arms • Inner Thighs • Thighs • Bottom

Upgrades to The Body Shaper
+ half body peel $60
+the body peel $99
+the birthday suit body scrub $79
+caffeinated body mask $50