To prepare for your Spray Tan
Do all hair removal at least 24 hours before hand
Exfoliate yourself top to toe.  Focus on the undearms, wrists, ankles and bikini line, areas that 
are often missed. Exfoliate your skin and do a hydrating face mask.  You won't want to do this 
again for a week, to retain your tan, so do it now.  Plan to wash your hair the night AFTER your 
tan, as there will be some tan in your hairline.  

On the day
You can wear makeup to your appointment.  We will provide you with wipes.  You can also be 
tanned through your makeup with no problem.  
Wear loose, dark clothing and ideally, wear something that allows you to leave without a bra on.  
Wear slip-on shoes so as not to rub the tan off. 

90 Minutes after your Rapid Tan or 8 hours after your Spray Tan
Shower for 60 seconds - quick, warm, not hot, get out and pat the skin dry. 
Your tan will be brown but not fully developed.  The colour guide will wash off, and the tan will 
darken more over the next 8 hours.
Do not apply any lotion.

The next time you shower
Use Tuscan Tan pH Balancing SKin Wash, avoid soap and regular shower gel.  This corrects the 
colour and stops all tans from going orange over time.  
Apply Tuscan Tan Tinted Tan Extender.  Continue to use it daily.  

To remove the tan in a week
Massage Pure Fiji Exotic Oil Blend into your body top to toe, wear it to bed.
Exfoliate using Pure Fiji Sugar Rub 

Have your next spray tan 7-10 days after the first one.