acne scars | box scars | rolling scars | reduce moderate to deep lines | stretchmarks | luminosity 


Sublative™ Facial 

Half face $350 | Face $450 | Neck & Chest $300 | Combined Sublative™ + Sublime™ 10% off

Sublative™ Stretchmarks + Body 

50cm2 $500 | 100cm2 $550 | 150cm2 $600 | 200cm2 $750

abdominal $950 | thighs $950 | buttocks $950


What is it?

A fractional, bi polar radio frequency using the Sublative™ applicator.

Penetrates via tiny points in skin then spreads out for a full under-skin treatment with minimal surface disruption.

What does it achieve for me?

Sublative™ reaches beneath the skin and spreads out to achieve a full rejuvenation underneath the skin. Like a builder doing a renovation, it first breaks down damage and clears it away (blood vessels and wrinkled, creased, sagging or scarred skin). Think of it like going into a damaged building and pulling out all the broken struts.

Your skin-builder then creates a permanent structural foundation of new collagen and elastin and tightens up everything else that’s there. You’ll see a lift in the jawline, cheek and brow, added volume and plumpness. Your skin texture, tone and luminosity are improved, skin is smoother and more elastic. This is structural revamp, so results are considered permanent, though of course you’ll want to touch up in future to maintain your results over time.

Expect 2-5 days downtime.
We recommend 3-5 sessions taken 4-6 weekly or 1-2 sessions taken 5-7 weekly in Enhanced Energy mode. 


Upgrade your Sublative Results 

+oxygen peel $40

+enzyme peel $40