Photo Rejuvenation is about removing that which we no longer want (pigment from sun damage, broken blood vessels) and stimulating production of that which we do want (stronger blood vessels, new firming collagen fibres.) Uses precision light to reach deeper than hands or ingredients can go.

The best treatment for sun damaged or red skin with broken capillaries, it may be used on any part of your face or body. You will need 1-3 treatments to clear your initial concern, and you can also have it as a skin maintenance treatment.



Half Face $120

Face 30 min $199

Face and Neck 45 min $229

Face, Neck and Décolletage/Chest 60 min $249

Décolletage 45 min $199


Half Back or Chest $499

Full Back or Chest & Stomach $499

Arms & Hands

Back of Hands 15 min $99

Half Arms 15 min $149

Full Arms 30 min $199


Half Legs 30 min $299

Full Legs 45 min $499 


Series of 3 save 10% 

Results of Lumenis Photo Rejuvenation


These results were achieved with 3 treatments using our Lumenis Photo Rejuvenation machine. 
As you can see the increase in clarity, tone and firmness in the skin is exceptional. 
The skin has gone from being severely sun damaged, to being milky toned and youthful again. 
shown with permission of the patient


Notice how the blood vessels in the before photo are leaking blood into the surrounding tissue,
giving a red thread-vein 
appearance?   The Lumenis has cleared away these damaged blood
vessels, leaving the tissue even toned.  At the same time it has triggered renewal of the collagen
in the skin.  New collagen now wraps firmly around the blood vessel walls giving them stability,
preventing future recurrence of this issue.  Lumenis treats the current situation and prepares skin
cope with the future.  shown with permission of the patient


This skin shows the benefits of using Lumenis for uneven pigmentation.  While at first glance
the skin doesn't 
appear to have much wrong with it, the after photo shows just how uneven it
really was.  Now the skin has become milky and clear, we can also see the improved circulation
and oxygenation that the Lumenis treatment has created in the skin.  Also notice how much firmer
the skin looks without the dark patches of pigment creating shadows on the skin.  A beautiful
result.  shown with permission of patient