The Brow Sculpture 20 min $35 Casual | 2-4 Weekly Maintenance 15 min $33
Treat yourself to a real expert brow design. Natasha’s method is special: first, we measure your brows
and draw on the shape for you to approve and we listen to what you want. Then we wax, tweeze and
trim to perfection. We apply concealer to hide redness and give you a tutorial in how to dress thebrow.
Eye brows are a real specialty here and we know you’ll be delighted by our obsession. 

Brow Tint
  10 min $20
Lash Hydra-Tint  20 min $45 

The Lash Lift
 30 min $75
Curls and fans the lashes for a full, pretty look that lasts 4-6 weeks. Not a lash extension but a
natural lift.

The Lash Lift + Tint  30 min $99 ($120 if booked separately)
Lashes made dark, rich and fully fanned out. Lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Beautiful Eyes Trio
30 min $84 Casual | $74 Maintenance within 4 weeks
The essential eye definition: Brow Tint, Brow Sculpture, Lash Hydra-Tint.

Beautiful Eyes Trio + Lift   45-60 min $159

Cosmetic Tattoo Brows
Initial appointment 2 hrs $599 | Perfecting session after 4 weeks 1 hr $99

The modern micro-blade technique places individual strokes into the brow line, and looks like real
hair. It is semipermanent allowing for adjustments over time, with age. We can rebuild a brow
from scratch or simply define what is already there. We offer both micro-blade (feathertouch)
and powder-look brows. Performed with topical numbing cream so you own't feel a thing.