Creative Nails File & Polish hands or feet  20 min $35

Creative Nails Shellac hands or feet Pure Fiji Organicure (manicure)  30 min $60 | +respectful removal $10

Pure Fiji Organicure (manicure)  40 min $70 | +shellac $20 

Forget nail-wrecking bars. Our organic manicure focuses on nail health & hand hydration,
with coconut milk soak, sugar and oil exfoliation, cuticle softening & detailing, respect for 
the nail plate and a no-nasties polish. Perfect 10. 

Reversicure (advanced manicure) 50 min $129 | +photo rejuvenation $30 | +shellac $20 

A time-reversing manicure performed under the glow of the youth-inducing Gemlight plus a hand peel. 

Peelicure (pedicure) 60 min $125 | +shellac $20 

Our super detailed pedicure will reduce the frequency of your pedicures and break the cycle of 
blading-hard skin. Includes milk bath, sugar glow, hot stone massage, powerful foot peel, rasping, 
cuticle work, nail shape and buff, and a no-nasties polish. 


Blissed Out Feet Treat 30 min $75 

Scrub away the world and soothe your soul with a hot stone foot massage and moisture wrap.