30 min $99 | Series of 6 $495 | Series of 10 $693 | Add to any other treatment $50

Gemlights™ are coloured, ambient L.E.D. light which shines over your face or chosen body area. No heat, UV or discomfort at all, and very relaxing.

In only 20 minutes, the light will activate the energy-battery inside each cell (your mitochondria) and release energy which skin uses to perform work. In this way, we aren’t forcing cells to do any one thing, rather potentiating cells with energy to do what the cell sees t.

Gemlights™ are calming and enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery. Each also has special extra bene ts associated with that particular colour of light. 

Ruby Ray

Stimulates collagen, elastin and deep hydration, smoothing lines, rming skin including the delicate eye and lip areas. Ruby is your silent skin youth weapon! You will see reduction in lines, rming, healing and even tones. This well researched treatment won best anti-ageing treatment at the Les Nouvelles Esthetique & Spa Award 2015.

Azure Cool

Anti-bacterial blue light shines inside cells to clear out bacteria hiding in pockets and pores of problem skin. Calming and soothing - by the end of your rst appointment your skin will be calmer, cooler and the breakout will already have started to go. Huge research backs this treatment. FDA approved for treatment of acne and in ammation.

Emerald Beam

Calms and regulates the overproduction of brown coloured pigment. Blends and creates a more even skin tone. Perfect for dark scars, uneven tone and to brighten dark eye circles. Suitable for all skin tones from white to black.

Diamond Light

Reduce pain in your body and aid both muscular and joint recovery. Ideal for athletes or anyone with injury or in ammatory pain conditions. Also wonderful to stimulate collagen for deeper lines and wrinkles.