Consultation with our in-house Doctor is free, and there’s never any obligation.

As a guide, this is what you may expect to pay but please use it as a guide only. Prices vary for each unique person, because you purchase relaxers by the unit and fillers by the ml.

Next dates with Dr. Alfy - Bookings are essential
Friday 22 September 4.30 - late
Saturday 23 September 10am - 5pm


Relaxers Estimate                               Fillers: $599/ml, Fillers Estimate: 

Crows Feet $240                                   Lip Augmentation 1ml

Forehead Lines $140                             Nasolabial 1ml

Between Brows $300                            Cheek Augmentation 1 - 2ml

Bunny lines beside nose $60                 Tear Troughs 1ml

Upper Lip, Smokers Lines $50               Chin Extension 1ml

Underarms for sweating $1400              Full Face Hydration 1 - 3ml

Hands for sweating $POA                      Bridge of Nose 1ml

Jaw for grinding $600

Slim the face shape $600 

Brow Lifting $80                                

Nefertiti Neck Lift from $400

About our Southbank Cosmetic Injectables Service

Cosmetic Injectables are for under the skin, they are not skincare and they don’t replace it, but rather address a totally different area of ageing - expression, movement and volume loss. They fall into two categories.

Relaxers which relax the muscles, so your face is smoother with less lines, and you look rested.

Dermal Fillers are gels which go under the skin into the dermis. They can plump out a pitted scar, or an area that has lost volume like the cheeks or lips. They can add definition to the lips or go under the eyes to hide the darkness and plump out any deep tear troughs. Fillers gift skin with lasting hydration as they bind water exactly where we put them. They’re also used to balance shape or build up areas like the nose.

Dr. Alfy Ordukaya is Southbank's best cosmetic injector, combining a friendly personality, great beside manner, and artistic talent with placement.  Our clients return to Dr. Alfy again and again for his special magic.  

Why Dr. Alfy?
One of the things we have heard again and again from our guests is that the whole experience of receiving anti-wrinkle injections is not pleasant for them.  
Some report being hesitant to ask for a consultation in case they feel pressured to have a treatment.  There is never any pressure to undergo a treatment here at Natashas Skin Spa.  We simply give you the information and options, and leave it up to you to make a decision about what is best for your personal anti-aging needs.  
Dr. Alfy's role as a cosmetic physician is to discover what it is that you want to achieve and then give you options on how that can happen.  For example, some people desire full lips which are clearly augmented.  Others want to look like they were 'born with it' and others don't want it recognisable whatsoever, they just want hydration to stop the ongoing dryness associated with aging lip tissue. 
It's highly personal, and takes a trusting connection between patient and cosmetic physician to establish the right course of action. 

Dr Alfy is highly experienced and brings an artistic approach to cosmetic injectables.  He also comes accompanied by his assistant Jo, who is great at holding hands during treatment.  Many of our clients say that Jo 'just makes it', her warm nurturing personality is a great asset to Natashas Skin Spa. 

You are always welcome to call us on 03 9696 1189 to ask questions about cosmetic injectables in our Southbank skin clinic.  Perhaps you don't even have a specific question, you just want to talk to the people at this end and see if you feel comfortable with us.  That's okay too, just ring us and ask us what we do here, and what we are about. 

Any of our team can discuss cosmetic injectables with you, and refer you to Dr. Alfy if you have questions we can't answer.   

Check out this fun video from beauty vlogger Modern Day Snow White, as she visits Dr. Alfy in his home turf, Refresh Skin Clinic, for some lip filler.