T O   P R E P A R E 

  • Avoid sun exposure - this is all the time, not just for peels.  But it is important that you are not freshly sunburned or tanned in the previous few days as the skin will be too sensitive for a peel.  In this instance we advise having Ruby Ray LED light instead.  
  • Avoid waxing for 3 days prior at least, preferably for 1 week prior.  
  • Skin responds best to peels when it is prepared with the right skincare.  Use the skincare recommended by your therapist and nothing else.   If you do this for a week prior you will see much better results from your peel. 
  • Wait 1 week after any injections in the area. 
  • Wait 1 week after any other rejuvenation treatment like needling, fraxel, photo rejuvenation or microdermabrasion. 


A F T E R   Y O U R   T R E A T M E N T

  • We will apply spf and post procedure makeup so you can return to normal activities, eg. work. 
  • Use Mineral Pro SPF30+ daily 
  • Use skin friendly make-up only.  The wrong foundation can destroy your results.  We use and recommend Evidence Foundation.  
  • Continue using your non-acid cleanser, hydrating serums, cream, eye cream, spf.  
  • Wait 3 days before applying retinol, acids or essential oils.  Wait 1 week if necessary. 
  • Wait 3 days before exfoliating, or up to 1 week if necessary. 
  • After 3-7 days, use your exfoliation cream & follow with the recommended mask.  This will clear away the cells rising to the surface and dose skin with nutrients for the renewal work it is busy doing.   This reduces the chance of flaking.  
  • Wait 1 week before using powder additives (like vitamin c+bha powder)
  • Wait 1 week before using your DNC roller


W H A T   T O   E X P E C T  

At the end of your treatment we’ll apply sunscreen and skin-friendly makeup, unless your peel is left on, which we only do if you’re ready for that.   Nobody will be able to tell you’ve had a peel, but your skin will instantly look glowing and fresh.


  • Alpha Beta Peel - your peel may be left on, though neutralized.  Don’t wet your skin again for at least 8 hours as you can re-activate the peel.   This would be like having 2 peels at once, so just be careful if you’re having a shower not to totally wet your face.  Don’t apply makeup for the rest of the day.    Your skin may go rough or flaky as the old layers fall apart, manage this with your exfoliant & mask.
  • Catalyst Retinol Peel - your peel may be left on.  It might feel grainy.  Your skin may feel warm periodically.  Your skin may go rough or flaky as old layers fall apart, manage this with your exfoliant & mask. 
  • Bio-White Peel & Oxygen Enzyme Peel - your skin will look dewy and fresh.  You could have this right before a big event and it would look great.    It is very unlikely that skin will be flaky at any time after these peels. 

B E F O R E   Y O U R   N E X T   T R E A T M E N T

  • Stop your acid products 2 days before your peel.  
  • Don’t do any at-home peels, at-home exfoliating devices or laser for 1 week prior. 
  • Do not wax for 3 days prior.  
  • Advise your therapist of any changes to medicines, health condition, herbal supplements, skincare used or side effects from your last treatment.  It is your responsibility to give full disclosure so your treatment is safe and effective.  
  • Do not begin any new skincare without first checking with your therapist.   Skincare can have unexpected effects so it’s best to check with the experts first, to protect your investment and results.  


Should you experience a side effect or unexpected response, please contact us first.  Do not do anything other than what is recommended here.  Your therapist is always the best person to advise you with any skin issue.  

If you have any concerns phone us on 0434 082 354.   We are here to help.